Whodunnit – Murder Mystery Games PDFs

murder and all that jazz

Murder and all that Jazz

Make sure your detective skills are tuned up. You’ll need to hit all the right notes to solve this mystery!

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surf sand sun murder

Surf Sand Sun Murder

Grab some sunscreen and get ready to solve the mystery!

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copper creek calamity

Copper Creek Calamity

Take a swig of whisky and sharpen your wits. You’re going to need them to solve this old west murder!

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a rogue in rumplume

A Rogue in Rumplume - Coming Soon

Tighten your tunic and lace up your bodice, it’s time to solve a renaissance mystery!

sabatoge on horizon station

Sabotage on Horizon Station

It’s a deep space mystery where more than just one life hangs in the balance. Can you uncover the murderer before time runs out?