Kristal Yueh



Horizon wasn’t your first choice of assignment. It wasn’t your second, third or even tenth, either. You wanted to serve on a starship so you could be where the action is. Traveling across vast distances as you visited new worlds and encountered strange alien races. Instead, the fleet sticks you on a research station where the most exciting thing that happens is someone detects a remote magnetic anomaly that warrants further investigation. Party time, right?

Today, you’re getting all the excitement you could have ever asked for. Your normally dry, withdrawn and sour demeanor is curved by paranoia and anger. You’re quite sure someone set this attack up on purpose, but you don’t know who. Until you find out, everyone’s a suspect. You’ll do your part as station physician to ensure the crew stays alive, but if you get your hands on that saboteur, you’ll break your Hippocratic oath as fast as you can.